Periodontal Treatments for the Ortho Patient

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One of the things I love about dentistry is the opportunity to work with my colleagues on interdisciplinary cases to provide the very best care for our patients. That interdisciplinary care often includes orthodontic treatment. Below are the common treatments I provide for orthodontic patients.

Surgically Accelerated Orthodontics

Surgically accelerated orthodontics uses the body’s natural healing phase to optimize orthodontic results. Unlike traditional orthodontics, which only involves the mechanical movement of the teeth, this approach incorporates surgery to augment the bone and gums around the teeth in a way that enables rapid tooth movement while also increasing bone support, thickening the gums, and stabilizing the teeth after orthodontics. This option is available to all orthodontics patients but is particularly appealing to older patients who want to reduce orthodontic treatment time or avoid orthognathic surgery. To learn more about surgically accelerated orthodontics, please check out this page on our website:

Periodontal Clearance 

According to the American Academy of Periodontics, approximately 64.7 million adults have periodontal disease. That is approximately one out of two adults. With increasing numbers of adults seeking orthodontics in their quest for a beautiful smile, periodontal clearance prior to beginning orthodontic treatment is critical. A patient’s periodontal disease can deteriorate during treatment and so it is vital the periodontium be healthy before beginning orthodontic treatment. 

Expose and bond

During an expose and bond, the gum tissue is lifted to expose an impacted tooth. An orthodontic bracket is bonded to the tooth and a miniature gold chain attached to it. The gold chain is then guided back to the orthodontic arch wire where it is temporarily attached.

Expose & Bond procedure example

Gum Contouring

Gum contouring, also known as esthetic crown lengthening, can be used to correct a “gummy smile”. During the surgery, excess gum tissue is removed to reveal more tooth resulting in a more balanced smile. 

Gum Grafting

Gum grafts can be used to cover roots or develop gum tissue that has receded. Grafts not only improve the beauty of your smile and protect roots, they can also reduce tooth sensitivity while slowing any further recession and bone loss.

Gun Grafting Before & After

Dental Implants

During orthodontic treatment, space can be created for a missing tooth. At the conclusion of orthodontic treatment, the missing tooth can then be replaced with a dental implant.

If you have any questions about ortho-perio treatment, please reach out:

Dr. Christopher M. Bingham