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Dental Implant Cost

Why Dental Implants, and How Can I Determine Their Cost?

Dental implants look and feel like real teeth, and are a lifetime investment in your oral health. They consist of an artificial root that integrates with your jawbone and a restoration rivaling natural tooth appearance. Rising seamlessly from the gum line, dental implants offer comfort, confidence and quality of life benefits unparalleled by other options. Patients often wish to know more about dental implant cost. Since each individual implant case is different, we take a look at the whole picture. Several factors combine to determine your total dental implant cost.

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Dr. Bingham Discusses The Cost Of Dental Implants

A Number of Factors May Affect Dental Implant Cost

Before placing dental implants, our team conducts a personalized consultation to determine your best course of treatment and dental implant cost. We capture 3D images of your jaw and perform a thorough examination of the areas in need of tooth replacement. This gives our implant specialist the opportunity to learn whether any preparatory procedures are necessary to improve your oral environment for implant success. At this visit, we also discuss treatment options ideal for your needs and give you an idea of overall dental implant cost.

Total dental implant cost varies from person to person, and is determined by:

  • Number of teeth to replace
  • Type of implant procedure
  • Type of implant restoration
  • Tooth extractions (removal of unsalvageable teeth)
  • Need for bone grafting procedures (sinus lift, ridge preservation/augmentation)

Are Implants Right For You?

Choosing dental implants for your smile offers the highest standard of care in tooth replacement today. Implants are extremely versatile and flexible, and can replace any number of teeth. However, some patients may be better suited for different options. At Council Oak Periodontics and Dental Implants, we create treatment plans according to your individual tooth replacement needs and oral health concerns. Our team is more than willing to thoroughly explain each aspect of your dental implant cost during your treatment consultation.

Conservative Planning, Minimally Invasive Care

Dr. Christopher Bingham is highly trained and experienced in the latest implant dentistry techniques. He approaches treatment in the most conservative, minimally invasive way possible, especially when preparing for surgical procedures. For more on our whole body, conservative approach to care and understanding your dental implant cost, contact our friendly team today.