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Tooth Extractions Make Way for Exciting Implant Results

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Tooth Extractions

When Tooth Extractions Lead to Better Oral Health

Our ultimate goal always is to save teeth whenever possible; however, in some cases the best option for your oral and general health is to remove a tooth. Tooth extractions may be necessary for a variety of reasons, from advanced bone loss due to gum disease, severe tooth decay, and extensive tooth breakage or damage.

Whatever the cause, our highly experienced team at Council Oaks Periodontics and Dental Implants puts your needs and comfort first when performing tooth extractions. We offer IV sedation and other options for a comfortable, pain-free procedure. Our gentle, minimally invasive approach to tooth extractions creates positive experiences that lead you to better oral health, and on to exciting tooth replacement options like dental implants.

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Dr. Bingham Talks About What To Expect After A Tooth Extraction

Permanent Tooth Replacement for Extracted Teeth

We work closely with general dentists to remove hopeless or failing teeth, and permanently replace these teeth with dental implants. As an experienced periodontal and dental implant specialist, Dr. Christopher Bingham has the advanced skill to perform both tooth extractions and surgical placement of dental implants within the jawbone. In many cases, we can perform both of these procedures during the same visit, saving you time and convenience by streamlining your care.

Bone Grafting Following Tooth Extractions

As a full-service periodontal practice, we offer advanced care to meet your periodontal needs. If you need tooth extractions but are not yet ready for dental implants, we can preserve the site to help ensure future implant success. Socket preservation is a type of bone grafting procedure, performed at the time of tooth extractions. This procedure adds bone directly to the tooth sockets, solidifying bone tissue in the extraction site for future tooth replacement with a dental implant.

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How Bone Graft Works Video Animation

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Penny's Experience With Tooth Extraction

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