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Brandi: Osseous Surgery Patient

Brandi's Gum Disease Treatment Story
Gum Disease Treatment

Gum Disease Affects Your Teeth, Smile and General Health

Gum disease is a serious oral problem that threatens your teeth, smile and even general health. It is caused by hundreds of bacteria that release toxins into the bloodstream and leads to bone loss around teeth. A progressive problem, gum disease is the primary cause of tooth loss today and has been linked to heart disease, diabetes and a number of other systemic conditions. Choosing a periodontist to treat this common yet serious oral condition provides your health, wellness and quality of your smile the highest standard of care – and creates the best chance at saving your teeth from destructive gum disease. Periodontists are highly qualified gum and bone health experts and have extensive knowledge and skill in diagnosing and treating all stages of gum disease. As a board certified periodontist, Dr. Christopher Bingham offers effective solutions to treat and manage your gum disease and get you back to enjoying a healthy, happy smile.

How Gum Disease Works
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Dr. Bingham Talks About Gum Disease Treatment Options

Scaling and Root Planing Therapy

With this non-surgical gum disease treatment, we remove plaque, tartar and bacteria from the root surfaces, below the gum line. The goal of scaling and root planing is to create clean, clear root surfaces to which gums can reattach, reducing the depths of periodontal pockets.

How Scaling and Root Planning Works

Osseous Surgery (Pocket Reduction Surgery)

A surgical approach to gum disease treatment, osseous surgery enables our periodontist to gently retract the gum tissues and treat areas of infection deep below the gum line. Our team debrides the teeth of plaque and tartar deposits and smooths any bony discrepancies caused by harmful bacteria. At times, bone grafting may be performed in conjunction with osseous surgery to replace lost bone.

Periodontal Maintenance Therapy

Once diagnosed with periodontal disease, periodontal maintenance therapy will be crucial to prevent your condition from worsening or causing additional complications for your oral and systemic health.


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Kenneth's Experience With Osseous Surgery

Periodontal Maintenance Is Key Following Gum Disease Treatment

Periodontal maintenance occurs every three to four months, and includes thorough below-the-gum cleanings and examinations. These visits with our practice are vital to managing your gum disease and keeping harmful oral bacteria at bay, before they have a chance to cause further damage in your mouth. As periodontal experts, we are dedicated to helping you maintain and enjoy your newly established periodontal health following gum disease treatment with our team.

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