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Crown Lengthening

Crown Lengthening for Esthetics and Function

An abundance of gum tissue around one or more teeth often creates both cosmetic and functional concerns for patients. In such cases, our periodontal specialist performs crown lengthening procedures to remove excess tissue and reveal more of the beautiful smile that lies beneath. Crown lengthening is a common periodontal procedure that increases the visible surface area of tooth structure in the mouth. We are pleased to offer both esthetic crown lengthening and functional crown lengthening to meet the comprehensive periodontal needs of our patients.

As an esteemed member of the American Academy of Periodontology, Dr. Christopher Bingham is committed to delivering the highest level of care in crown lengthening protocols. He works closely with your referring dentist or other specialist to generate the quality care and exceptional results you deserve for your smile.

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Transform a Gummy Smile With Esthetic Crown Lengthening

Do you have a gummy smile? Would you love a more attractive tooth-to-gum ratio or like to eliminate the appearance of short teeth? Esthetic crown lengthening gently removes excess, overgrown or bulbous gum tissue from around the teeth. This smile-changing procedure recontours the gum line, creating a balanced, even appearance. In some cases, excess bone tissue may be slightly reduced to improve smile esthetics and uniformity.

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Functional Crown Lengthening Enables Proper Restorative Care

Teeth having decay or damage that lies at or below the gum line can be difficult to treat and restore. Functional crown lengthening removes a small amount of gum and bone tissue from around the tooth, exposing more of the tooth structure and revealing greater surface area to support placement of a restoration. Once this occurs, your dentist is able to fully access the area of decay or damage, and properly treat and restore your tooth.

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