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Robotics – At The Forefront Of Dentistry

Yomi-enabled dental implant surgery is a state-of-the-art treatment to help you get your smile back. Dr. Bingham is the first dental surgeon in Central Texas to offer this minimally invasive approach. YOMI combines 3D-imaging and robotic guidance to enable Dr. Bingham to create a personalized plan specifically for you. The system physically guides Dr. Bingham through haptic technology to place the implant precisely according to the plan. The result is an accurate, less invasive and more efficient implant surgery which is why we can offer a 7-year warranty.

For you, this means the most advanced tooth replacement option that looks, feels and functions like your natural teeth.

Robot Assisted Implants Austin, TX
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Yomi combines 3D-imaging and robotic guidance to ensure the location, depth and angulation of your implant is accurately placed down to a fraction of a millimeter.

Minimally Invasive

Yomi’s haptic technology combined with real-time visual guidance may allow for a smaller incision that can lead to a faster, less painful recovery.

Efficient Treatment

Compared to other guided implant surgery techniques, Yomi allows for fewer visits and the possibility of same-day implant surgery. No waiting required.

“What I love about Yomi surgery is the precision and personalization it gives my patients. A dental implant is like the roots of a tree, if not placed correctly it can result in a restoration that does not look right or that may fail. My goal is to give my patients a beautiful smile that can last a lifetime. To achieve that goal, it requires accurate diagnosis, a personalized plan, and precision surgery. YOMI allows me to consistently provide the best outcomes for my patients.”

-Dr. Christopher Bingham


Frequently Asked Questions

Robot Assisted Implants Austin, TX
  • What is Yomi-enabled dental implant surgery?
    Yomi combines 3D-imaging with robotic guidance to assist your dental surgeon in planning and placing your implants with precise accuracy. During surgery, Yomi uses physical cues (haptic technology) to guide your surgeon’s hand to place the implant precisely according to the plan. Once in location, Yomi works seamlessly with your surgeon to maintain trajectory and prevent any deviation from the plan.
  • What is different about Yomi-enabled dental implant surgery?
    Accuracy and efficiency are what set Yomi-enabled surgery apart from traditional approaches. Free-hand is the most common surgical technique for dental implant surgery. In free-hand surgery, the surgeon uses a hand-held instrument to place your implant. The surgeon places the implant after looking closely at your bone, gums, and nearby teeth. Exact implant placement is less predictable with free-hand surgery due to potential human error. It was the quest for improved accuracy and to overcome human error that led surgeons to incorporate 3D-printed guides into their surgeries. 3D-printed guides improve accuracy but slow down the process because it can take days for the guides to be milled. In addition, changes to the plan are not possible when using 3D-printed guides and they block the surgeons view of the surgical site. Yomi uses advanced robotics and 3D-imaging to overcome these limitations in accuracy (freehand) and time (waiting for 3D-printed guides).
  • Are robotic procedures new?
    Every year in the United States, robotic assistance is used to help over one million patients. Robotics has become the new standard of care in medicine. YOMI is the only robotic guidance system approved by the FDA for dental surgery in the United States. Dr. Bingham is pleased to be at the forefront of dentistry and to bring this advanced technology to the Austin community.
  • Does Yomi replace my dental surgeon?
    Just like traditional dental implant surgery, Dr. Bingham will be chairside and in control at all times. The robot will not operate on its own and the robot arm is held by Dr. Bingham during the surgery. Yomi’s role is to provide precision guidance. Once surgery begins, Dr. Bingham may occasionally change the plan based on observations in your bone and gum tissue that were not identifiable on the 3D-image. Dr. Bingham’s years of surgical skills are critical to the success of your surgery.
  • What can I expect with Yomi surgery?
    If Yomi is right for you, Dr. Bingham will create a personalized treatment plan with the Yomi software. During surgery, the robot will provide important information to Dr. Bingham  through sight, sound and touch to place the implant precisely according to the plan. Dr. Bingham, his assistants, and the robot will work harmoniously together throughout your surgery.
  • What happens if I move during the surgery?
    Yomi tracks and follows patient movement. If you move, Dr. Bingham and Yomi will move seamlessly with you, even right in the middle of surgery.
Patient Testimonials

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Advantages Of Yomi Precision-Placed Dental Implants

  • Personalized treatment plan using 3D-imaging
  • Precision-placement using robotic assistance
  • Accurate implant placement that allows for a natural-looking highly esthetic restoration
  • Fewer visits as compared to traditional guided surgery
  • Integrate with jawbone for a solid, secure bite
  • Long-term replacement for missing teeth
  • Fit, feel and function like natural teeth
  • Preserve jawbone health
  • Maintain natural facial contours

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