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Bone Grafting

Bone Rehabilitation for Lasting Implant Stability

Like natural teeth, dental implants need the support of surrounding, healthy bone tissue. However, some oral conditions, including periodontal disease, injuries and chronic tooth loss, cause bone loss in the jaw. When bone loss occurs, you need the proficiency of a periodontal expert to rehabilitate the bone in your jaw. Bone grafting rebuilds lost bone, giving your future dental implants the support required for lasting success. Board certified periodontist, Dr. Christopher Bingham, and the team at Council Oak Dental Implants & Periodontics deliver the specialized care you need to restore jaw bone health through advanced bone grafting techniques.

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Expert Bone Grafting Technique Rebuilds the Foundation of Your Smile

As a specialist in restoring periodontal health, Dr. Bingham has extensive training and experience in determining the ideal technique to rebuild lost bone in your jaw. Bone grafting adds bone tissue to areas of deficit in the upper and lower jaws. Bone tissue is sourced from your own body, often from the chin area. In some cases, we may use safe, biocompatible donor samples to restore lost bone. During the healing process, the new bone tissue integrates with existing bone to improve bone health, height and volume.

Benefits of Bone Grafting

  • Helps restore and maintain facial shape and contours
  • Increases candidacy for dental implants
  • Maintains extraction sites for future implant placement
  • Improves eating and speaking ability
  • Preserves bone health of neighboring teeth
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Sinus Lift: Bone Grafting in the Upper Jaw

When upper molar and premolar teeth are lost, the floor of the sinus cavity often expands into the bone. This may shrink the bone tissue and reduce the amount needed to support a dental implant. With a sinus lift (augmentation), our experienced periodontist can add bone to or gently lift the floor of the sinus, increasing bone volume and height to a level sufficient for proper dental implant support.

Ridge Preservation and Ridge Augmentation

When a tooth is extracted, voids or “sockets” remain in the bone tissue. Ridge preservation is a type of bone grafting procedure that adds bone tissue into the sockets, solidifying the site and preserving the area for future dental implant placement.

Bone tissue loss in the arch leads to indentations in the jaw bone, and inadequate support for dental implants. With ridge augmentation, also a type of bone grafting, we can add bone tissue to the area, increasing the quantity and fullness of the bone and enabling proper support for dental implants.

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Guided Tissue Regeneration for Bone Grafting Procedures

Dedicated to providing a complete return to proper periodontal health, we incorporate guided tissue regeneration (GTR) into bone grafting surgeries. GTR integrates barrier membranes into bone grafting sites. These membranes encourage your body to create new bone and gum tissue growth in the mouth during the healing phase of periodontal treatment.

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A Minimally Invasive Approach to Bone Grafting

A member of the American Academy of Periodontology and Academy of Osseointegration, Dr. Bingham is a specialist in bone grafting procedures. He has a broad clinical exposure to all variations of bone grafting needs, and an enhanced ability to manage such oral health complications with a gentle yet comprehensive approach. Focused on conservative, minimally invasive care, Dr. Bingham utilizes PIEZOSURGERY® when performing bone grafting. PIEZOSURGERY is an advanced technique that allows us to treat the jaw bone during surgery while keeping the gum and surrounding tissues intact. We also offer several sedation dentistry services to ensure your total comfort during your bone grafting visit with us.

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