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A Healthy Mouth Supports a Healthy Body

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Whole-Body Approach

The Oral-Systemic Connection: A Whole-Body Approach

The health of your teeth and gums impacts your systemic health, just as your general health has an effect on the condition of your mouth. Scientific research shows a link between gum disease and other concerning general health conditions, including heart disease and stroke, diabetes, pregnancy complications, and dementia, among others. As a whole body-focused specialty practice, we take a comprehensive approach to helping you achieve periodontal health that supports sound systemic health.

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Minimally Invasive, Periodontal and Dental Implant Care

We expertly blend a modern, scientific approach with minimally invasive periodontal and implant techniques, whenever possible. Whole-body health is taken into consideration for every treatment.

Some of our minimally invasive services include:

  • 3D CBCT Low-Radiation Diagnostic Imaging
  • Guided Implant Surgery
  • LANAP® Laser Gum Disease Treatment
  • LAPIP™ Laser Peri-implantitis Treatment
  • All-on-4® Full-Arch Dental Implants
  • Guided Tissue Regeneration
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Custom Dentistry for Whole-Body Health

By taking a whole-body focus on periodontal and implant care, we can utilize techniques that deliver the least amount of stress and best possible results for your smile – and ultimately your systemic health. Your emotional health and well-being also plays a significant role in oral and general health. We have created a calm, relaxing space for you to receive custom care, and where you can also take an active role in determining the best course of action for your health and smile.

Why Choose a Periodontist Focused on Whole-Body Health?

At Council Oak Periodontics and Dental Implants, we remain up-to-date with advanced technology. We passionately deliver the highest level of quality care, integrated with minimally invasive techniques and an approach that considers not only your immediate dental care but your long-term overall health as well. As our patient, you can feel confident in knowing we place your comfort, safety and wellness first.

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